TOBY TRIMMER, Advocacy Specialist


There's no shortage of Illinois lobbyists and public relations consultants from whom to choose from. But, I'm a little different. 
I'm an Advocacy Specialist.  
With nearly two decades of diverse government, political and organizational leadership experience, I approach client issues as a partner. 
For you, it's the confidence in knowing you've got an advocate who will leverage longstanding relationships with key decision makers, top staff, media professionals and like-minded interest groups to effectively navigate your priorities through the lawmaking process. For me, it means a bit more professional investment than most run-of-the-mill lobbyists. I'm dedicated about taking the time to research and explore what you do and what you're trying to achieve.
Take a look around. Consider what you really need. When you discover you need a true Advocacy Specialist - someone who can help shape your priorities into the passions of decision makers - contact me.
Let's talk. Let's partner. And let's design an advocacy plan that will work in this challenging environment.
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