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For nearly two decades, Toby Trimmer has learned how to navigate the Illinois policy-making process. Whether it's helping to shepherd an initiative through the General Assembly, building a campaign plan to win an advocacy or electoral effort, creating a communications or public outreach strategy to promote an idea, organization or industry, Toby has had the fortune to share hands-on involvement in projects large and small. 


Toby Trimmer's lobbying and advocacy consulting venture comes after serving as the Political and Legislative Director of the 103,000-member Illinois Federation of Teachers. At the IFT he reshaped much of the political, legislative and policy team, strengthening his reputation as a level-headed legislative negotiator and an insightful partner among coalitions. 


Toby served as a key advisor to public employee advocates throughout one of their toughest periods of time when the General Assembly sought to address the multi-billion dollar debt of Illinois' public pension systems. During this major policy battle, Toby earned a reputation by many General Assembly leaders as a reasoned, fair, compromise-driven advocate for finding a true and meaningful solution to reduce overwhelming state budget pressures.  


Prior to his leadership at the IFT, Toby was recruited by Senate President John Cullerton to serve as his administration's first Director of Communications. During the inaugural hours and days on the job, Toby was tasked with leading the Senate communications team in managing and coordinating the international attention given to the impeachment trial of disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich.


Throughout his time as the Senate Democrats Communications Director, and at a time of growing partisan polarization, Toby helped build the strategy to establish and re-elect the largest Senate Democratic caucus in the nation while maintaining a reputation as a fair and collaborative bi-partisan professional.


Prior to his roles as a top strategist and administrator, Toby served as a communications professional, a political organizer, a fundraising coordinator, the manager of a number of state-level campaigns and as a key public relations aide to Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.


Toby credits his jovial, common-sense attitude from his Western Illinois roots...a region of the state known by many as "Forgotonia." He's a native of Macomb and moved to Springfield in 1998 after attending Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. He and his wife, Amanda, have two sons, a dog named ”Radar" and an aging cat named “Chicken."

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