Knowing what to do, when to do it, and how it can be done is essential in every strategic opportunity. A willingness to be forthright and honest of what it truly takes to implement a plan is the cornerstone of what I do. 

Regardless of the task, I work with clients on the smallest details to ensure your goals are realistic and can be accomplished. Sometimes that means lots of initial questions as we partner to develop a strong blueprint for success. This attention is what makes an "Advocacy Specialist" unique from others.

Lobbying & Government Affairs Advocacy

TTC provides strategic lobbying services focusing on the General Assembly, constitutional officers, government administrations and other Illinois policy makers. This means a focused approach on not just elected decision-makers, but also key staff experts who are often the first and last advisors before important votes or decisions are made. Lawmaking in Illinois has changed in the past few years. I know because I've been there to help drive those changes.

Public & Community Relations Strategy

Some projects require quiet discretion at the Capitol. Others require an approach that garners large-scale attention. I work with a network of professional partners who specialize in public opinion research, graphic design, digital development and other well-tested expertise. 

Communications & Media Consultation

Depending on the project, I can help with your communications needs. While traditional paid and free media sources are still important, getting noticed sometimes requires social media outreach or other approaches to reinforce an effort.

Issue & Organizational Development

While your organization or company isn't changing your core mission, given the conditions of Illinois government it's probably time to consider new ways to do what you do. Government-focused advocacy all but demands that your entire organization has a greater understanding of how their work can impact awareness among decision-makers. I can help work with your organziation to focus on what needs to be done and how to do it. I conduct well-organized, engaging programs to help zero in on what's worth focusing on for your organization and/or the members you represent. 

Campaign Consultation

With two decades of political and issue-based campaign expertise, I advise candidates, organizations and coaltions in their efforts to win. From how you design your plan to getting noticed from voters and power-brokers, I can help.

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